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Downstream voices: Wetland solutions to reducing disaster risk

Posted on: 30 September 2014
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For years communities across the world have suffered the devastating effects of flooding. It is likely that climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of many of these flood events, and population growth – especially in coastal cities – is putting more people in harms’ way. The instinctive response to increased flood risk is often to call in the engineers and build flood defences. However a new book calls into question this model for managing flood risk, suggesting that is ineffective, and that it is based on an out-dated model of assessing climate risk. The 43-page book, commissioned by Wetlands International and written by Fred Pearce (news editor at the New Scientist), takes the reader on a journey to three large river basins in India, Mali and Senegal where Wetlands International improves water resource management and the condition of wetlands to make communities more resilient to extreme weather events and impacts of climate change.

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