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Culture, Employment and Development in Academic Research Survey (CEDARS) 2021

The CEDARS (Culture, Employment and Development in Academic Research Survey) – What is it and why is it important?


The University is running the Culture, Employment and Development in Academic Research survey this April.

Designed in collaboration between Vitae, researchers and researcher developers across the HE sector in the UK, CEDARS seeks to gather the thoughts and experiences of researchers around the three principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers – employment; environment and culture; and professional and career development.

Responses to the survey are vital KPIs in the University’s HR Excellence in Research Award action plan and can powerfully inform improvements to policy and practice in a broad range of areas (including appraisals, training and development, career progression, line management, health and wellbeing). The survey is an opportunity for you to reflect on and share your experiences of how far the University values the contributions you make to it, and to shape change in the environment we work in.

Your responses also enable the measurement of our progress over time in comparison with national benchmarks, usefully informing areas for institutional focus. This report published by Vitae on last year’s iteration of the survey gives an insight into the powerful kinds of data we could gather from the survey, which could be instrumental in instigating change across research and knowledge exchange at Westminster.


The survey will be open from April 19th to May 28th and is open to all academic staff and research staff at the University.

You will receive an email when the survey opens with a unique link to complete it.

If you don’t receive your link or have any questions about the survey and how your responses will be used, please contact Joshua Mead (j.mead@westminster.ac.uk)

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