What do you remember about your graduation day? Celebrating with all your classmates, dressed up in their gowns? Perhaps some nerves about falling over on stage, and the relief when you made it without falling? Or being made to feel special by your loved ones? 

As you can imagine, the Class of 2020 aren’t able to have a normal graduation day yet. Due to the ongoing pandemic, their graduation ceremonies have been postponed until they can be enjoyed safely. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate their success. 

We’re holding virtual celebrations on Wednesday 26 August, and we want you to help us celebrate. We would like you to send in a video congratulating the Class of 2020 and offering some advice to help them succeed in life. Your support will mean a huge amount to the Class of 2020, who are finishing their studies at an uncertain time. 

Please send us a short video message (up to 30 seconds), congratulating the Class of 2020 and offering a piece of advice to help them succeed (e.g. ‘always keep learning from those around you, such as your colleagues and your alumni network’). 

Top video tips: 

  • The maximum video length is 30 seconds 
  • Record in landscape, not portrait 
  • Think about your background 
  • Record somewhere with good lighting in front of you 
  • Record in the highest quality possible (your rear phone camera is usually better than your front ‘selfie’ camera for example) 

Please email your video message to alumni@westminster.ac.uk by Sunday 23 August at the latest. You may find it easier to use a service such as WeTransfer. 


Data protection 

Alumni should be aware that by submitting a video for the Virtual Celebration they are giving their permission for that video to be published and their name and course to be available in a publicly available presentation. 

This presentation will remain online for two months after the launch date, after which the presentations will be deleted. 

We may also use the videos for other purposes, and will store them in accordance with our privacy policy. 

The celebrations will be hosted via Flipgrid and you can find the terms and conditions here: 

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