Congratulations graduates! To celebrate your accomplishments, we’re giving you a chance to WIN a £50 Amazon voucher, just by sharing your best memory from University or telling us what you have lined up.


This competition is open to all new alumni, graduating in November 2019.

How to enter

All you need to do is:

  1. Sign up and log on to
  2. Post an update on the feed about one of the following:
  • Your greatest achievement at the University of Westminster
  • What you enjoyed most about your graduation day (include a photo if you have one, or your StageClip!)
  • What exciting opportunities or adventures you are going on to now

When are the competitions running? 

The competitions will take place following the November graduations and the deadline is Sunday 15 December. 

The prize

A £50 Amazon voucher will be awarded for the two best or most original posts. Winners will be contacted via Westminster Connect shortly after the competition closes.

Good luck!


  • My greatest achievement has been when I was able to study abroad and get involved with international teams. Work along diverse groups worldwide its being the most rewarding goal so far. This is mostly due to such a great academic environment at University of Westminster.

  • Life is like a journey. My education starts there but will never ends…
    here is me in my fist day of school and last day of university.
    Thank you Westminster. You made a massive change in my life.

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