The 125 Fund Stories: Kai and Kieran

Kai Newton and Kieran Innes, Contemporary Media Practice, 2018

Our final year project, The Dying Mountain, is a short form documentary that explores our changing climate and specifically how this is impacting Icelandic glaciers. We travelled to the Sólheimajökull Glacier in southern Iceland and spent a week speaking with local tour guides as well as representatives from the Iceland Met Office. The film shows how the glacier is retreating at an astonishing rate and is on track to have completely disappeared within the next 200 years if global warming continues at its current rate.

The funding helped us tremendously with our final major project. Most of our budget had to go on accommodation, transport, etc. and we had very little left over for the extra equipment we needed, so The 125 Fund really helped us in this aspect. There is no doubt that our project could not have had the production quality that it did without help from The 125 Fund. On a personal level, university is an incredibly expensive thing to do so having the help from The 125 Fund for our final major project was amazing.

I am trying to pursue a career as a freelance Director of Photography. The funds have helped me to gain a greater understanding of the kit that I will be regularly using as a DOP. As well as becoming a DOP, I want to create my own documentaries which initially are incredibly low budget and hiring kit is not possible; so already having all the kit needed to create a film alleviates the issue.

On behalf of Kieran Innes and myself, we hugely appreciate being granted The 125 Fund. It has helped the development and production of our final major project massively, and without it I honestly don’t think it would have been possible for us to create the film. The Fund was an integral part to the documentary and the kit we bought with it is going to help us on future productions in the same way it helped our project. I want to say thanks to the donors, being granted The 125 Fund was one of the highlights of my time at the University. It is greatly appreciated!

We are thrilled to be running another telephone campaign this November. To celebrate, we are sharing with you The 125 Fund Stories, a selection of testimonials from the grateful beneficiaries of your generous donations. For more information, please visit:


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