Day Trip to Dover

international student bloggers Dover

Dover is easily accessible by train from London and your destination is Dover Priory.  Any of the stations offer train tickets, however, we have found that using, tickets can be between £20 – £35 from any of the London Stations and if you have a rail card (I suggest you get one if you are able) it can help reduce your costs. 

When you arrive at Dover Priory there are signs as soon as you exit showing you directions to the Castle and Cliffs.  I will advise that it is no short walk to the cliffs or to the castle.  Have good walking shoes on because you are going to walk, walk, and walk again!  To get to the cliffs, this National Trust map and instructions is very useful!  It will save you hours of walking around trying to get to the top!

international student bloggers Dover

international student bloggers Dover

The castle is also very easy to get to and can be found on the same map.  The castle has some amazing views views and impressive landscape.  If you are feeling adventurous, walk around the castle following the footpath, and around the back.  If you walk far enough you can find a small tunnel that is in the side of the hill.  It was locked when we visited, but we have been told that when it is open, you can walk through the underbelly of the castle!  The castle is £16.50 with a student ID.  We did not go in, there was a massive tour there, but it was just as impressive walking the grounds around the castle. 

The cliffs are the main attraction!  Get your hiking shoes out because you’re about to climb.  It is about a 2 mile walk from the train station to the cliffs.  At the top is a small cafe and car park.  The entrance for walkers is free.  It will take you about 2 – 3 hours to get from the entrance to the lighthouse at the end (another cafe).  So, be mindful of the time because once you walk out… you have to walk back!  It is windy and cool up there this time of year… so dress for the weather! 

international student bloggers Dover

international student bloggers Dover
Normally, this is the point where I would tell you that I found an impressive little pub or restaurant off the beaten path.  I am disappointed to say that I did not on this trip.  A majority of the town was closed… literally closed… shops and restaurants that appeared to be a stable business were dark!  There are a few commercial places in the center of the main street and a few pubs.  We stopped in to the Eight Bells.  Nice place… typical pub and a commercial menu.

Dover is worth the trip to see the cliffs if nothing else!  It was a fun day and I do recommend it as a day trip to hike and explore!  Enjoy!

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