NEW Publications Router connection to VRE

Publications Router is now live.  It helps automate the update and input of research articles in the Virtual Research Environment (VRE).  If you have a journal article in the publication process, you may soon receive an email alert, or Task in the VRE, asking you to take action.

What is Publications Router?

Publications Router gathers information from content providers such as publishers and passes it on to institutions to help capture research articles onto their systems.  An integration has been added to the Virtual Research Environment (VRE), so details of some newly published articles will be sent directly to the VRE.

The imported records may include the articles themselves in the version agreed by the publisher (usually the accepted author manuscripts for articles in subscription journal, or the final published PDF for articles published fully gold/free to read), or they may just consist of metadata (a bibliographic record of the article).

How does it work?

Publications Router examines the affiliations of each article’s co-authors to determine the appropriate target repositories, or CRIS, in our case this is the VRE.

How can you ensure matches are made?

Most importantly, include your affiliation to the University of Westminster, when submitting an article for publication.

Sign up for an ORCID researcher ID through the VRE if you haven’t done so already, or, link an existing ORCID account to your record in the VRE. This unique identifier will help accurately match your outputs to you.  More details on ORCID are available from the Research and Scholarly Communications Team.   Additional benefits of linking your ORCID account, will be coming by the end of the year.

Do I still need to add articles upon acceptance for publication?

YES. In order to comply with the REF2021 and University open access policies, records should be added to the VRE, no later than three months after acceptance.  Publication may occur far later than this and this crucial deadline may be missed.  The alerts from Publications Router are still valuable, as they will bring attention to the fact of publication, and provide additional metadata, such as the date of publication, and the Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

Do I still need to add the accepted author manuscript?

YES. Only a few publishers are sending through the accepted author manuscript, which is the version we are usually permitted to include.  We need this in order that we can make the research open.  If you haven’t already created a record in the VRE with the author manuscript attached, please add it to the imported record when you save it as the definitive record in the VRE.

What do I need to do?

A detailed Publications Router guide on how you can accept this record, or merge it with an earlier version of the record is available in the VRE, under the Repository of Research Outputs section on the left hand side.  If the system makes an incorrect match, you can reject the record, and it won’t appear.


If you have any questions, or require and help, please email

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