Research Integrity Annual Narrative Statement: February 2021

The University’s latest Annual Narrative Statement around its work in the area of research integrity has been published on the University’s public Research Governance website, where earlier iterations of the Statements can also be found.

The Statements are made publicly available in order to provide information to all involved in research around the work the University carries out to support and strengthen research integrity, also known as, research good practice, as well as the contact points for any concerns around potential research misconduct. This is in line with the University’s responsibilities as articulated in the Universities UK (UUK) Concordat to Support Research Integrity.

The latest Statement covers the period January 2020-February 2021, and builds extensively on earlier iterations, due to the large amount of activity surrounding work in developing, enhancing and sustaining research good practice. This is particularly significant given the challenges of the pandemic over the last year or so. This was made possible through a number of initiatives which can be found in the Statement, including enhanced and expanded researcher support, via the formation of the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office, the introduction of a new Researcher Development Programme and re-organisation of the University Research Ethics structures.

The University has continued to build on its robust policies, processes, systems and guidance which facilitate research and support researchers in meeting the highest standards. Mentoring and training have been built upon further to continue to develop standards further.Some of the highlights found in the Statement are:

For further information, please contact the Research Ethics and Integrity Officer, Huzma Kelly, via

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