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The Robert Mitchell Society, our giving circle for alumni and friends of the University, has enabled the creation of the Robert Mitchell Society Scholarship for high-achieving students.

The scholarship, which is now open to UK and EU undergraduate students, will provide a deserving student with a £4,000 annual award which can be taken as cash for living expenses or be put towards their tuition fees.

The scholarship is specifically designed to change the lives of students with proven academic excellence but who require additional financial support in order to stay on at the University of Westminster.

The Robert Mitchell Society is open to all alumni and individuals who make an annual gift of £1,000 or more to scholarships and student support. In addition to annual gifts, we welcome recurring monthly donations of £84 or more, to make giving more manageable. All donations go directly towards providing promising individuals with the opportunity to continue their education, despite financial constraints.

We are honoured to have named the society after Robert Mitchell, who dedicated over 50 years of his life to the success of the Polytechnic as its first Director of Education (the Vice-Chancellor of the day).

Mr Trevor Yang, alumnus and founding member of the Robert Mitchell Society, commented: “I am delighted to help support the best and brightest at Westminster through the Robert Mitchell Society Scholarship. As a proud alumnus, I feel strongly about helping the University continue to provide life-changing opportunities to talented students. I hope that other alumni will find the Society worthy of their support and become members.”

If you would like to become a member of the Robert Mitchell Society or to find out more about the Society, please get in touch with the Development Office at or call 020 7911 5741. Alternatively, you can visit our website for more information.

Heather Ridal

Heather Ridal

Alumni Communications Officer at University of Westminster
Heather Ridal

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