Tell us about yourself…

Hi, I’m Arwa! I’m an international student from Saudi Arabia and I’m doing my MA in Human Resource Management.

What made you choose to come to Westminster Business School to study?

The University of Westminster is a pioneer in Human resources and one of the top universities in terms of students’ satisfaction and quality of teaching.  I also was attracted to UoW because of the convenience of the starting dates (Sept/Jan), I missed the Sep start but I managed to apply for the Jan one. I was in touch with the admissions and other departments and they were friendly and patient enough to answer all the queries, and provided the required help. I also like the location which is in the heart of London and has easy access to everywhere.

What’s been the highlight of your course?

I’ve been introduced to Human resources in my previous course and I found it quite interesting but I was a bit intimidated as I don’t have any work experience within this sector. Nevertheless, when I started the course I found that Human resources could be connected to any workplace and applied to any industry therefore I managed to follow up and understand the basics and search, plus all my modules are designed in an interesting way and the content is mentally stimulating. All my tutors are knowledgeable, supportive, very helpful and easy to talk to. I’ve been given the chance to join the CIPD and attend some conferences inside and outside the university. I’ve been given essential academic books for free at the beginning of the course and that was also very useful.

What’s it like studying in London?

I find it good fun to live in a multicultural city and get exposed not only to the British culture but also to the rest of the world. London is a welcoming student city so you don’t feel like a stranger. I believe that London suits everyone due to the variety of things you can find; free museums, parks, international restaurants, traditional markets, endless events every week and a great transport system which connects the whole city together. More importantly, it brings people together regardless of their age, ethnicity or background, it is quite enjoyable to be connected to people from all over the world and learn about their cultures and traditions.  


What are your plans after you graduate?

I would like to have a work experience in Human Resources so I can take the theories I learnt into practise.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I can see myself as an HR director.

Any advice for students about to start in September?

Try to take advantage of all what the university provides!

Your learning is your responsibility so try to make the most of it and don’t hesitate to ask for help. Be updated with all the university’s offers: conferences, workshops, seminars, trips and academic and professional services beside the online resources. I highly recommend applying for the mentorship programme as I find it quite helpful and unique.

One more thing I would like to mention; as an international student who’s about to change career, I find the university is very supportive in terms of providing professional programmes, seminars and workshops for all the students in order to up-skill and prepare us for the competitive jobs market. All of that have helped me to have a clear vision about my opportunities and gave me the confidence to go forward and take big steps.


Thank you to Arwa for taking the time out to write this blog for us. Find out more about her course, Human Resource Management, MA. 

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