We were lucky enough to catch up with MA Marketing Communications alumna, Maria to discuss all things Westminster and to talk about her brand new book, Love and Success! See what she had to say…

Tell us about yourself…

I am Maria Ximena Halas from Colombia. I completed my Masters in Marketing Communications in January 2016. I decided to study at the University of Westminster to change my life and professional career. Indeed, the University of Westminster gave me everything to do it!

What made you want to study in London and why did you choose Westminster Business School?

I was thirsty for new challenges and I wanted to change my professional career in risk management back home in Colombia. I wanted to gain new skills in Marketing and Communications. London was the perfect city to explore new job opportunities, to improve my English as a second language and to meet new friends from around the world.

Westminster Business School (WBS) has the best MA programme in Marketing Communications with top lectures. I chose WBS for its incredible mentoring programme, well-known internship opportunities in London and the unique opportunity of studying with students from 25 different countries during a year. I realised that all together, this could change my life.

Congratulations on recently publishing your book, ‘Love & Success’! Can you tell us a bit more about it?

Love and Success is a beautiful real-life story of one woman who realised that love and success must first start within. Told with wit, love and plenty of charm, Love and Success tells my story, living far away from home in London post-divorce. Through commitment to my personal growth and managing my own mind and thoughts, I present a practical approach to transforming your mind and transforming your life.

Love and Success is a powerful story with an inspirational message for all those seeking love and success in any aspect of their lives and a way to transform challenging situations to achieve their dreams.

Positivity oozes throughout this book. There is no big secret to happiness or methodology behind it. By forgiving all that has been and gone, letting go of all that no longer serves us, being grateful for what we have and accepting what we cannot change, we can start to create the lives we desire with love.

I share with my readers how the University of Westminster changed my life in one year. I share my successful tips that will help everybody who is studying at the University right now to get the best of their experience at university today. I encourage those who want to change their lives and don’t know how to make decisions today, to go get their dreams at the University of Westminster.

I share all the tips in how to be awarded with a scholarship from the University of Westminster from my personal experience of winning the 175 Westminster Scholarship and how to make the right decision of living at Halls of Residence at the University, which will change their lives as well.

I invite everybody to be the author of their own life by mastering and reshaping their thoughts. My journey started as a single girl in London and transforms in ways I would have never imagined. Do you believe in the power of thoughts, success and love?

Open up and read Love and Success. It is available in digital and paper back in Amazon.com.

You speak fondly of your time here at the school in chapters 2 & 3, if you had to pick one defining moment from your time at Westminster Business School, which one would it be?

Definitely, the moment when I attended my very first class with all of my classmates (who are now my best friends), that were from more than 20 different nationalities around the world! Our lives changed since that moment. It is an incredible friendship that I never had before in my life.

If you could speak to your younger self, what advice would you give her?

Maria, you become what you think. Your job in life is to find your purpose in life and just be yourself. Be completely focused in your present and take responsibility for your reality now. Remember that you are the only one who can transform your reality by changing your thoughts. You are here to be happy and succeed every day in life! Get new skills and follow your intuition always. 

Any words of wisdom to the students joining us in September?

The year goes very fast. Don’t be shy and meet as many friends as possible from the University. Keep this in mind: never judge situations or people and offer your friendship first. Listen to all the stories of your new classmates from different backgrounds from day 1.

Enjoy your life as a student by attending to all the events and workshops that the University promotes every week. If you are looking to establish your new life in London I highly recommend getting involved with the social activities in London life and attend network events that match your passions.

Follow your intuition and have fun everyday. Transform any difficult situation into an opportunity, exploring all the different solutions. There is always more than one solution in a challenging situation, so be creative.

This year is going to change your life forever. Remember that nothing is impossible. Contact me if you need any advise whilst in London! Feel free to follow me on Twitter @Mariachristokua.

Get the copy of my digital book on Amazon. I share how I overcome challenging situations as a student and how I found the love of my life in London, now happily married!

Thank you to Maria for this inspiring interview. Find out more about her book over on Amazon, and remember to follow her on Twitter. 


  • Maria,
    Congratulations on your book – what an achievement on top of everything else you’ve achieved.
    I think your sentiments resonate with so many MA MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS (MAMC) alumni – who also feel that their year on MAMC was a real life changer that gave them the confidence, knowledge, skills and direction to move on into the dynamic world of Marketing communications.
    I also remember well that first class! where everyone was shy and nervous- but by the time you graduated you were all changed people- ready to take on so many exciting challenges. We’re looking forward to you coming back to talk to our current students about all your experiences and your advice.

    Anne Barker: Deputy Course Leader MAMC

    • Dearest Anne,

      Thank you. I am living in London and I am very happy to come back to Uni at any time! Always happy to see you and share so many wonderful experiences with new students!

    • Dearest Anne,

      Thank you. I am living in London and I am very happy to come back to Uni at any time! Always happy to see you and share so many wonderful experiences with new students!

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