The FUNDamentals Series – #3 Get the full picture of health with Wellcome

The third installment of our FUNDamentals series is out now!

These 2 page briefs will provide all the foundations you need to get acquainted with funder priorities, tips, keys schemes, and other useful insights.

Wellcome is a major funder for health research, providing awards to researchers in science, humanities, and social science to better understand health and diseases. Set up after the death of Sir Henry Wellcome in 1936, whose will stated that his company profits should be used to advance medical research, Wellcome is a politically and financially independent foundation, which aims to address health issues through research into new ideas. Learning about the funder’s priorities, and also the range of schemes available, is the first step to identifying whether a certain funder is the right place for your research idea. Take a look at our FUNDamental for an introduction to Wellcome’s aims, schemes, and tips for securing funding.

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