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Clearing gives you the chance to apply for a course at University if you haven’t already secured a place or would like to change to a different subject or location. Clearing applications for courses starting in September 2020 are now open. You can apply for a place through Clearing as soon as you have all of your results, so whether you are ready to apply or thinking about getting prepared for results day, we’ve put together our top tips to make sure you’re prepared and get the best out of the opportunities that Clearing can provide.

1. Start your research early

Whether you already have your results or are weighing up your options before you receive them, we would recommend doing as much research as possible before you apply through Clearing. Make a list of courses and universities that you may want to apply to, so that when the time comes you have a clear idea of where to start. You may even want to write down their phone numbers so you have them ready.

2. Apply as soon as you have your results

Many students don’t realise that you don’t have to wait until A Level Results Day to apply through Clearing. If you already have your results or receive them earlier than 13 August, get in touch and make your application. Applying as soon as possible means you’ll have a greater range of courses to choose from, and you can enjoy the rest of your summer knowing that your place is already secured.

3. Have all your details to hand when you apply

When you call to make a Clearing application, our team will need to ask you for several details to verify your application and qualifications. To speed up the process and avoid any panic, make sure you have the following details before you start to call universities:

  • UCAS number
  • Results of all your qualifications, including GCSEs
  • Personal Statement

4. Be Ambitious: consider new subject areas

If your exam results haven’t gone as expected, or you’re no longer sure about the course you applied for, there’s still a great variety of courses to choose from that you may not have considered, or even studied, before. We offer a number of courses which are not typically offered at school or college that can widen your career prospects. 

View a full list of our courses here.

5. Don't be afraid to ask questions

Although applying through Clearing can be nerve wracking, it also gives you the exciting opportunity to make sure you find a university and course that is the perfect fit for you. When you call our Clearing line, we will have questions about you and your qualifications, but our friendly team will also be happy to answer any questions you have. To ensure you’re making the right decision for you, ask about anything that might be important to your university journey, whether it’s about the course, our support services or student life.

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