It may sound ridiculous but I still have problems falling asleep…. Not because I am homesick … no on the contrary, it’s because I am so excited about what London has to offer me the  following day!

Unfortunately, I’m still not feeling like a Londoner, but I will give it a go.. It’s still so very confusing that  I have no idea which direction I have to look as I cross the street …if you ask me all those cars are driving on the wrong side :S

And it takes hours standing by the tills and trying to choose the right coins. It is at that exact moment everyone identify me as a non Londoner or even worst as a tourist. Also I have been memorising the whole tube map so I don’t look like a tourist and yes, I am just kidding ^.^

Last two weeks have been filled with some exciting events and one of the main highlight was definitely the FC Chelsea match which ended 6-0 . Well may be I was the lucky charm. Also I had a short trip to Bournemouth which is located on the south coast of England. The coast was absolutely stunning so I really would recommend this place to all of you.

Camden Market International Food Stalls

Talking about discovering new neighbourhoods, I must say I have totally fell in love with Camden and Camden Market.  You can wander in the vibrant crowd and be sure to find something to your taste. Camden Market is home to modern art galleries, vintage stores, vinyls, artists and great live music. Camden market is well situated by the Camden Canal where it is perfect to have seat as you enjoy your street food. You can find all sorts of street food from all over the food and most I have tried are super delicious.

Of course, my to-do list for the next  few weeks is endless!

London is made up of a rich tapestry of different neighbourhoods  just waiting to be discovered! That makes it all so very interesting and vibrant!

You must be wondering how am I getting on with my studies among all those sightseeing and exciting discoveries. I must say that is one big culture shock – the UK education system is absolutely different to what  I am used to. Teaching is usually in the form of  lectures and seminars and there is a strong focus on independent study. We have to do case studies, presentations and assignments – mentioned in every module. When it comes to my first assignment well  I have to submit my first assignment in two weeks and I am far away from feeling well prepared. Not at all!  And for a minute, I thought  the modules here are easy-going..but I will keep smiling and I´m going to make it anyway.

That’s also part of the experience – to accept and handle new challenges.

A typical scene from a London Pub

The best I saved to the end, I found an amazing quote about the British Pub Culture which I want to share:

“A pub is not a cool place to go and hang out. You don’t have to dress up or even be that social. The primary purpose is to drink pints of beer and get sentimental when a certain song comes on the juke box.”

That’s why I like you so much London!!

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