Can you please tell me a little bit about yourself ?(briefly about what you are studying etc)

I am a current third year student working towards a BA (Hons) degree in Business Management. I have been a Student Ambassador for the past two years as well as an events assistant and E-mentor for first year students. Whilst holding these roles I have been able to develop the universities awareness amongst students, working face to face with potential students and fellow students, sharing my knowledge of what the university has to offer and what I have learnt at WBS. My most recent post has been my position as Corporate Public Relations Officer for the Accounting & Management Society.

How and when did you get involved with the student union and the Accounting & Management Society?

To broaden my involvement in extra-curricular activities as a student whilst studying at the Business School, in my second year I joined the society as a member being attracted to the special events and employer lead talks they organised on campus. Over the later part of second year I began to investigate any upcoming vacancies to be a part of the society team where I found a vacancy for the role of Corporate. With a personal interest and hopeful carer upon graduation in public relations I wanted to raise awareness of the society and reach more students within the university, highlighting the great events we plan and organise.

Can you please tell us about your role in the Accounting and Management Society?

My role as Corporate PR officer is to promote and facilitate the various events we run as a society throughout the year. This stretches from marketing events around campus to helping students sign up with the society and provide career related advice regarding employability. I consider myself a team player supporting my fellow officers as well as the President and Vice President to ensure the day to day running of the society including administrative tasks run smoothly while providing added value to our members.

Everyone is talking about employability skills what do you think is the best way to increase your employability skills during your academic studies?

In today’s job market the employer is looking beyond the degree you hold. Employers want to see how you utilise your talents and skills to maximise your potential. With the ever-increasing competition in the labour market it is down to the individual to stand out and engage in activities beyond your academics. This is where societies, sports team and pursuing a passion or hobby come in to play. By actively participating in various things you gain a lot of experience to draw from, developing old as well as new skills that will inevitably aid in your employability on graduation or even for part-time work.

As a fellow student what would you recommend other students in the Westminster Business School?

Make the most of your time at university. Its true what they say that time does seem to fly past, get involved and explore what the university has to offer. I initially shied away from getting involved but since I have through the ambassador scheme and society (to name but a few) I have not only developed new skills but also made new friendships.

We all know that student life is hard work! How do you manage to balance your studies with an almost full-time job as you are so involved in the Accounting and Management Society?

Balance is a fine art, the society is an extra activity which I dedicate a lot of time to, however I am always conscious that my studies come first. I understand when to step back from things to prioritise my studies and my part-time job. Knowing how much time you should dedicate to certain tasks will allow you to manage, although at times this might not always be as accurate. The reward I get from my efforts in my studies and my society make all the hard work very worthwhile.

What are the main lessons you have learnt by being so involved during your studies?

I understand myself better and gaining more confidence, knowing that there’s no need to shy away from getting involved. I have been able to enjoy my final year a lot more than I anticipated. The society along with other events at our Business School has made my experience at university a lot broader and richer, developing my knowledge and life experiences ahead of the next chapter, post-university.


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