Dr. Magda Hercheui, BIMO senior lecturer, was invited to participate in a workshop on the impact of social media in small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The workshop SEA-SoNS (Socio-economic Assessment of the Benefits of Social Networks for Organisations) was organised by the European Commission, on 15th July, in Seville, Spain.

In the workshop, Dr. Magda Hercheui has presented her ideas on how social media may support SMEs in the development of communication and collaboration platforms. “A major problem for developing countries is the need of generating jobs for young people. SMEs have much to contribute in this matter. However, we need to find ways of fostering these companies to generate opportunities to young professionals. Social media platforms may help in this direction, through enabling innovation,” explains the social media expert.

Dr. Magda Hercheui argues that SMEs need to understand better how social media platforms may support communication and collaboration, inside companies and in broader networks, to foster processes of innovation. “Most SMEs are not able to survive after two or three years. We need to give further support for SMEs to find the expertise to overcome their challenges. Social networks open the opportunity for SMEs to get the expert knowledge they need. However, it is also necessary to have skills on social media to get the best of these interactions.”

Commenting on her research, Dr. Magda Hercheui argues that we are facing a change in the innovation paradigm. “Innovation is not a matter only for big companies. SMEs also need to innovate do survive the competition in local and global markets. A lot of technologies are emerging, such as cloud solutions and collaborative platforms. Those SMEs which are able to get the best from the network of experts, and build their own knowledge networks, are going to get advantages. Social media can help in building robust strategies to have better access to knowledge and networks of experts.”

Dr. Magda David Hercheui
Senior Lecturer Westminster Business School
New Media Knowledge Editor

Read more about Dr. Magda David Hercheui here and at her Linkedin Profile

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