My name is Olga, I came from Ukraine to study MA Marketing Communications at the Westminster Business School . I have been living in London for a couple years now and I have enjoyed all the time I spent here. I really love this city because of it’s  very nice people, beautiful traditions and heritage, great places which could be rediscovered again and again London also provides unbelievable opportunities for personal development as well. Moreover, I am very pleased that in London I can meet people from all over the world and that I have found friends from so different countries. Nevertheless one of the biggest opportunities for me was to have a chance to obtain a higher education from one of the best universities in the world.

Although I have had a variety of degrees in economics, social sciences and media I always wanted to obtain such knowledge where I can combine analytical and creative features. Therefore I decided that marketing is the best sphere that does this. The course of Marketing Communications at Westminster Business School attracted me by the variety of subjects that I found useful to obtain further career in marketing. It could seem unbelievable but during the first term at university I enjoyed all classes that we had as they covered all topics of interests for future marketers – psychological side of customers’ behaviour, analytical and strategic parts of marketing, advertising and branding as creative parts and market research as a basic feature of marketing.

I have been attracted by  creativity and economics since early days at school. Therefore, I have chosen economics and entrepreneurship for my bachelor degree while creativity and culture as a hobby participating in school performances, radio hosting, comedy shows etc. However when I have finished my first degree and worked a while in a bank, I have realised that I want to do something more exciting than calculations and paperwork. Therefore I have moved to London and have done some sociological and media research.

I am studying marketing communications at the moment as well as gaining an internship in a digital advertising agency. I found that knowledge that I have obtained during only half of my master’s course has been useful for me in professional life already. I believe that after I complete the whole master’s program I would be able to achieve a success in my marketing career.


Meet our new student blogger Olga Makiievska is currently studying MA  Marketing Communications from Ukraine



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