The MSc in Finance, Banking and Insurance is a unique full-time programme launched in 2012 to cater for individuals with career aspirations in the broad areas of finance, banking and insurance. As part of the programme curriculum, students on the MSc are given the unique opportunity to take a tour of Lloyd’s of London, the world’s largest specialist insurance market. This tour aspires to stimulate the students’ appreciation of how the market operates in practice, building upon the theoretical background provided during the course of their studies. Students found this experience to be both inspiring and beneficial.

“My university group visit to the Lloyd’s of London was indeed a fascinating experience. My colleagues and I were really impressed and excited to have the opportunity to visit and experience the atmosphere within the biggest insurance market in the world.” Anton Uhlyar MSc FBI, 2013/4


“The Lloyd’s of London tour was a great experience for me. It was really impressive to see how the biggest insurance market operates. Moreover, it has absolutely changed my understanding of the insurance market as a significant part of the financial sector. Me and my course mates were really excited and enjoyed the trip.” Saniiat Ulbasheva Course Representative, MSc FBI, 2013/4



“Lloyd’s of London, the world’s specialist insurance market is an amazing place to visit. I was particularly moved by its futuristic design, unique traces of heritage and the way how their business is conducted on a global scale.” Wioletta Kiwior MSc FBI, 2013/4

“The tour of Lloyd’s of London was an extremely interesting experience. I did not expect to be as excited by the market. The tour significantly enhanced my appreciation of Lloyd’s history, structure, customs and how it operates. I was surprised to realise that despite its size and significance, the market is cool, calm and collected. Overall, it was a nice and useful experience, which I enjoyed a lot.” Roman Gagloev MSc FBI, 2013/4


Roman Galgoev

“Lloyd’s of London is one of the most memorable places I have ever been. It boasts one of my favourite architectural designs and, it seems like it would be one of the best working environment to be in. Impressive is the final word for the tour. Totally loved it.” Phuong Nguyen Course Representative, MSc FBI, 2013/4


“I really enjoyed my tour of Lloyd’s of London. It was great to see brokers presenting their clients’ risks and negotiating face to face with underwriters. I deeply admired this unpredictable and exciting environment. In fact, having visited and seen the Lloyd’s market it immediately stood out to me as the perfect place to begin my career. Lloyd’s is a unique and very traditional insurance market.” Poliane Froes MSc FBI, 2013/4



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