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I joined Global Finance MSc course at Westminster Business School in September 2013. I did my Engineering in Computer Science and after working for few years in investment banks such as Goldman Sachs, Societe Generale and Lloyds, I decided to pursue a Postgraduate degree in Finance. I got admits from a number of universities in UK, I chose Westminster Business School for the following reasons. First and most important, I liked the course structure and content of the Global Finance MSc programme. Another reason was the university’s central location, its excellent reputation and other facilities. The programme was very hectic but I have learnt a lot. It is a well-rounded course that provides strong foundations in all aspects of Finance. Modules such as ‘Data Analysis’ and ‘Financial Markets and Institutions’ provide a strong foundation to be able to understand other deeper concepts.

Srividya Narayanan
The teaching has been good. I really liked the weekly 3 hours for every module being split equally between the lecture and seminar. The library facilities have been excellent. The university provides a good learning atmosphere for students and provides opportunities to good understanding and equip ourselves with skills required in the industry.
The Bloomberg suite was very useful as it provides market data for firms, financial products and any publicly available market data related to financial products. Most firms use Bloomberg in their everyday work and thus I think this knowledge would be very useful. It helps in linking the theoretical aspects in the textbooks with the real world data. It was very helpful in our course works. Lectures of some modules were given in the Bloomberg suite and thus the professor could take us through the theory as well as show real examples from Bloomberg data so that we could understand the concepts clearly. There are also lots of activities going on in the university in which the students are allowed to take part.
London being a global financial centre would give us opportunities for jobs in a number of financial institutions and Westminster Business School has helped in providing the required skills. Our class had students from various countries and it thus gave an opportunity to interact with such a diverse group of students. As a city, London is has so many things to offer that you could never get bored – excellent restaurants, almost all types of cuisines are available and lots of activities to suit everybody’s interests.

Overall I have really enjoyed my time in the university and learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend this university.
This blog post is written by Srividya Narayanan

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