Is The Glass Ceiling Finally Cracking ?

Last year I published, Crash! I have fallen through the glass ceiling on the blog, a short article in-regards to women breaking through the glass ceiling and how Britain and the States are progressing when it comes to women in leadership..

In the last year, we have seen more women breaking through the Glass Ceiling from Liv Garfield age 38, now CEO of Severn Valley Water Company, to Carolyn McCall at Easy Jet.

Liv Garfield is the youngest CEO at 38 years of age, and it proves younger women executives can knock down the glass ceiling as well. Liv Garfield with a family has proven that women can juggle home life with a successful career.

For women graduates there are great opportunities, many choose to open-up their own niche businesses, from fashion to public relations. Opportunities are definitely out there.

Where do we need to see more women reach the top?  The answer is in the world of finance in the City of London. The new Mayor of the City of London, Fiona Woolf is pioneering this forward, not Boris Mayor of London.

In the States there are a number of leading lady CEOs, Mary Barra who is the first lady CEO of a car manufacturer GE Motors which was going through difficult times to Marilyn Hewson of world defence manufacturers, Lockheed Martin where she is a real entrepreneur in a traditionally men’s world.

A lady who I have contact with is Adrianna Huffington of the Huffington Post who has taken the modern media to new heights and a best selling book Thrieve.

Also we have to add to the list the  international best selling author Sheryl Sandberg of Lean In fame, how to manage home and business life. Both books pages you should Turn to Learn as I say.

Things are looking-up on both sides of the Atlantic for women to reach the top.

But will we see a CEO of one of the great Citys leading banks soon, I am banking on this happening!

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