In this edition of the Student Entrepreneur Interview Series we caught up with Jana Skinjova, a second year Accounting with Management BSc student at Westminster Business School. Jana is an excellent example of a student who has immersed themselves fully in the extra-curricular opportunities available at Westminster, culminating in her current position as Financial Controller at Westminster Business Consultants (WBC), the Junior Enterprise of the Business School. Read the full interview below.

Can you please tell a bit about yourself?

I can summarise who I am in three words: enthusiastic, determined and friendly.

How has Westminster Business School aided your professional development and your development as an entrepreneur?

The course I am undertaking at Westminster Business School is Accounting with Management Bsc Honours, which has provided me with the fundamental financial and accounting skills that employers are in search of, as well as enhancing my soft and hard skills. Westminster Business School provides different opportunities to develop you as an entrepreneur; I had the prospect of joining Westminster Business Consultants in October 2013 as a Finance Consultant and progressed to Financial Controller Manager within a year.


Tell me about your first entrepreneurial experience? As mentioned before I have joined Westminster Business Consultants, which was my first entrepreneurial experience. I have learned: what you put in that is what you gain out of it.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?

Definitely progressing in Westminster Business Consultants to Financial Controller in such short time.

 What’s your most memorable experience as an entrepreneur?

The most memorable experience as an entrepreneur is going to a JADE Spring Meeting 2014, which is one of the most important yearly networking events in Europe that aims at developing entrepreneurship among young people.

What do you consider to be success as an entrepreneur?

Not being scared of failing.

What do you aspire to in your professional life?

In the short term I would like to gain experience and knowledge in one of the big four companies and in the long term I would like to open my own business.

To learn more about Westminster Business Consultants, visit the WBC website, Twitter, Facebook page and Instagram account.

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