Please tell me a little bit about yourself

I am Nusrat Jahan Tania and I am from Bangladesh. I believe I am a calm and patience person who enjoys meeting new people and sharing stories of a lifetime. I love to accept challenges, to give the best effort in every situation and take the best out of them as well.

Why did you decide to study International Economic Policy and Analysis (IEPA) MSc at Westminster Business School?

The International Economic Policy and Analysis MSc is unique among the economics MSc programmes offered at different UK institutions. It focuses more on developing the practical application of economic technique, problem-solving skills and on appraising policy and the implication of policy rather than only looking at economic theory. Besides this, the IEPA MSc is the only programme in the UK that is approved by the Government Economic Service (GES) which creates a great opportunity for Westminster students. When I applied for the course, I was awarded the ‘Westminster Business School Scholarship’, competing among 2,000 well-qualified applicants and was awarded the scholarship, which distinguished as ‘the best of the best’ by the University of Westminster. I immediately accepted the prestigious offer to study at the University of Westminster.

How did you feel about studying abroad and has reality been different to your expectations?

This one year in London has been an amazing experience for me. I have enjoyed a bit crowded but beautiful London, meeting new people, learning new cultures and making new friends. I will cherish this one year in London throughout my life.

In Geneva whilst visiting the United Nations Headquarters

What have been the main highlights for you over the last year?

This one year has been very special for me. I got myself engaged in every possible opportunity to enrich my portfolio and I realized that I have survived. Since the beginning of the course I started working on weekends to support my living allowances as my scholarship only cover my tuition fees. I was one of the Course Representatives of the IEPA MSc programme and had an excellent opportunity to work with the Head of the Department of Economic and Quantitative Methods, Dr Vincent Rich on a small project, which we presented at the bi-annual advisory board meeting. I never imagined I would present my work in front of the Vice–Chancellor and the Dean of Westminster Business School and that I would be appreciated for my hard work. This experience was a life time experience for me. I have also completed a voluntary internship with Oxfam Walthamstow Online Refreshing Project and have maintained good grades in all my modules. I am looking forward to receiving my dissertation grade and fulfilling my dream to complete this MSc with Distinction.

What have been the biggest challenges over the last year?

Managing time was the biggest challenge for me as I was involved in many activities and also wanted to maintain my grades. One year of extreme hard work has made me realize my potential and has increased my confidence.

What is your dissertation on and what is your area of specialism?

My dissertation focuses on developing a growth model for small Asian countries and identifying the core reasons of slow growth in these countries. I am from one of the developing countries and I dream to go back and work for my country. Work experience in the region will help me contribute more for the development of my country.

What advice would you give anyone who is about to start a Master’s degree at Westminster Business School?

Give your best and accept all the opportunities that come along the path. You don’t know how far you can go unless you give it a try.

With fellow Westminster Business School students in Geneva

I understand that you were able to accompany the International Development Management MA on their trip to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva. Did you enjoy the visit and how has it inspired you?

The workshop at the United Nations has boosted my confidence enormously. Attending the workshop made me realise that my four years of work experience in the research and development sector of Bangladesh has prepared me to work for UN. I now aspire to give it my best and to try to work for UN. I dream to establish myself as a researcher to make a difference in the economic development of Bangladesh. I am grateful to Dr Ola Sholarin and Dr Vincent Rich to allow me to join the IDM MA students on their trip to the United Nations.

If there was one word describe your time at Westminster, what would it be?

It’s not one word, but I can say that it has been a life time experience.

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