Every January, the Royal Economic Society holds it’s PhD Meetings (#RESPhDMeetings) at a leading London venue. Not only is this event a great chance for economists around the world to meet and network, they also have the opportunity to present their latest papers and interview for post-doctoral positions at key European institutions.

The main event #RESPhDMeetings

On Friday 8 and Saturday 9 January 2016, Westminster Business School was very excited to host the two day #RESPhDMeetings event here at Marylebone campus. With approximately 100 presenters and 300 economists attending as interviewees, the event attracted over 350 people from across the globe, and papers from key academics from a variety of specialist fields and disciplines within economics.

Keynote speakers included Professor Frederic Vermeulen, Joint Managing Editor of the Economic Journal, and Professor Daniel Hamermesh, Professor of Economics of Royal Holloway and of University of Texas at Austin. These Plenary Sessions provided practical tips on how to get published and how to secure a job in academia, giving the audience a unique opportunity to gain an inside perspective.

Professor Hamermesh presents on ‘Negotiating the Job Market’

As part of the Marketing team, I was fortunate enough to attend the event, live tweeting from several of the presentations (#RESPhDMeetings). Each a contribution of excellence, topics presented ranged from “Giving a Little Help to Girls? Grade Discrimination and its Effect on Students’ Achievement” (Terrier 2015) to “Financial Crises & Debt Rigidities” (Paul 2015). In between presentations, we attended Poster Sessions, where Doctoral students were able to showcase their work in a different fashion.

Dr Franz Buscha with conference attendees

Time for feedback

The event was a fantastic success, and many of the attendees were happy to share their experience of the weekend:

“The venue is very well organised and gives great opportunities for networking” Hamed Markazi of Ruhr Graduate School in Economics
Dr-Dimitra-Kyriakopoulou-of-University-of-Piraeus-Royal Economic-Society-PhD-Meetings-Westminster-Business-School
“The RES PhD Meetings give every year, the great opportunity to discuss the papers which represent your field and your unique strengths with potential employers inside and outside academia” Dr Dimitra Kyriakopoulou of University of Piraeus
“As new PhD students we need a place to present our work. This event is on of the best to do it” Veronica Acurio Vasconez of Université de Paris
“A great opportunity to show my work to a large group of scholars in the field and to get into contact with students and researchers from other universities” Florian Heine of Maastricht University

The evening reception

Following the presentations on Friday, participants enjoyed an evening reception, which was kindly sponsored by the Bank England. Providing space for conversation in a more social setting, the reception was a great chance to network.

Bank of England-addresses-the-Royal Economic-Society-PhD-Meetings-at-Westminster-Business-School
Michael Kumhof, Senior Research Advisor for the Bank of England’s Research Hub addresses the evening reception

All in all, the event was a great success. Thanks should also be given to Westminster Business School’s Dr Franz Buscha, Karen Morrison and Aimie Robinson for coordinating and running the conference, to the many academics who chaired the sessions and to our Student Helpers for assisting participants.

For more pictures and snapshots of the event go to #RESPhDMeetings or see the event photo album.

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