It is likely that all of us need some help to better use the digital tools and systems that the University has and we are working with the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) to put in place the right support.

The ‘Digital Capability’ project has now started at Westminster. This project is designed to help raise the digital capability of staff and the University as a whole.


The Discovery tool

This is a diagnostic questionnaire through which any individual can self-reflect on their digital capabilities in relation to a national framework. A report, owned by the individual, is generated with suggestions for development.

The Discovery Tool will be available to all staff from early-February 2019.

The Digital Capability team

This new group of staff and student associates will provide support for each College and for Professional Services in their engagement with the Digital Discovery Tool.

The team of eight will offer 1:1 development support for anyone seeking help in addressing areas of digital capability highlighted in the report they receive after using the Discovery Tool.

You will be able to access support and get help aligned to your development needs from the Digital Capability team from February 2019.

Do you need more information?

For further information about the project please email Gunter Saunders

For specific questions about the Digital Capability Support Team please email Micael Berhane.

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