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As my time draws to an end in London, I find myself attempting to make the most of my precious little city. One of my favorite things to do is catch a show in the theatre district! Here are some I’ve seen recently, and although I don’t claim to be an expert theatre critic, here are some tips on how to secure the best bargain for your seats.

1. Mamma MiaI’ll admit, seeing this one advertised all over the tube piqued my interest. I’m not the biggest ABBA fan, but I know many many musical fans that swear this is a good show. And… it was! A good seat at this show can set you back £75, but I showed up to the Novello Theatre’s box office shortly before the matinee was to start and secured one of those £75 tickets in the dress circle for £25!

2. Motown the Musical: It had only been minutes since I had left the Novello Theatre matinee, but I knew I was going to have to take drastic action to get Dancing Queeeeeeeen out of my head. Motown the Musical had been a show I’d seen advertised in the tube as well, so I ventured over to the Shaftesbury Theatre to see if I could find some musical mental liberation. Luckily, they had some tickets available for their evening performance! A mere moments later, I had secured a £70 ticket for £25. I walked out a new woman, happily welcoming My cherie amourrrr in my head as I made my way home on the tube that evening.

3. MatildaIs anyone else still haunted in their dreams by the film version of Miss Trunchbull? This has been one of my favorite performances I’ve seen in London, and if you’re 16 – 25, you qualify for a special discount and can get show tickets for just £5! The songs are super catchy, and the tiny actress who plays Matilda is so precious. Definite must see. I’d go see it again. In fact, at £5 a ticket, I just might!

4. The Play That Goes Wrong: I have to admit, this performance is more of a study in British humor than anything. I had no idea what it was really going to be about when I walked in, but left feeling very satisfied I had mastered British humor. It’s very Monty Python, so if you find physical humor funny, this performance is for you! I relied on my trusty TKTS booth in Leicester square for tickets to this show, and was able to get some for £28. It was a solid evening out!

5. An American in ParisLike many others, I had seen this performance advertised on numerous London buses around the city and so there I went and ventured into Dominion Theatre just before the show was to start to see if there were any tickets available. Not only did they have a few seats to spare, but they also offered a student rate, so I was able to sit in my plush £100 premium seat in the stalls for £22! This show is also beautiful! During one dancing number in particular, I found myself grinning so hard I thought my eyeballs were going to be squeezed right out of my head. Go watch it!

So, there you have it! I hope you all have learned some new things today: primarily, that I am a sucker for good advertising, but also that it is generally possible to secure discounted theatre tickets if one is in the right place at the right time! I absolutely love the variety of shows available in London, and will be sad to depart from it! What performance should I catch next? Let me know in the comments!

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