Vlog: A Day in The Life of a Westminster Student_International Student Blogger, Dalma Aczel_title image_Dalma with coffee outside the Marylebone campus

Hello to every new and existing student at the University of Westminster.

This is a daily vlog as a university student on a typical day, it is one of my very first vlogs.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnD5aWMe_5M]

I hope you enjoy and can join me in the future as I share my life and latest experiences of living in London and studying at the University of Westminster… stay tuned and stay safe!




  • Hey Dalma!
    Hope you are keeping safe and sound!

    Call me Valentin!
    Do you mind giving me your contacts? email address or anything of the kind! I wand to get in touch with you for some ideas because I’m projecting to be one you next year, westminster I mean!

    Please once you get to read this comment don’t bypass it without leaving a reply! you can email me on this address of mine: valentinlumoo@gmail.com.

    Take care!

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