UKRI Equality Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Consultation

On 4th March, 30 colleagues from across the University met to discuss the implications of UKRI’s new strategy, and to feed in to our institutional response to their call for consultation on the document.

UKRI’s strategy is underpinned by their ambition to create a research and innovation system where:

  • Everyone feels included, is heard, respected and able to be their real self
  • Different people, ideas, ways of thinking, skills and perspectives are valued
  • People and ideas thrive, are supported and encouraged
  • Everyone can participate in, contribute to, and benefit from, our investments in research and innovation

After introductions to UKRI and to the strategy from Nicola Haines (Head of R&KE Office) and Roza Tsagarousianou (Diversity and Inclusion Research Community lead), we explored three of UKRI’s strategic objectives:

  • (Objective 1B) Fostering an inclusive and diverse research and innovation system, ‘by everyone, for everyone’
  • (Objective 2B) Advancing equality and inclusion through our investments and how we work
  • (Objective 4B) To develop approaches to monitor, measure and evaluate change

Conversations at the workshop extended beyond UKRI and their new strategy, elucidating issues and barriers that should be taken forward internally. These thoughts will feed into the work of the Diversity and Inclusion Community and inform our planning around improving research culture as signatories to the Researcher Development Concordat, alongside insights captured from last year’s Culture, Employment and Development in Academic Research Survey. We have compiled everybody’s comments here, but they broadly fit into the following themes:

  • Transparency of the funding process
  • Career progression
  • Support for Research and Knowledge Exchange
  • Language and accessibility
  • Data collection and use
  • Career breaks and caring responsibilities

Consultations like this are a useful way for you to engage in ongoing sector-wide conversations and incredibly useful for us in the R&KE Office, as they are an opportunity to tap into your experiences and inform our understanding of the research culture we all work in.

Comments on the UKRI EDI strategy and our response to it, or broader issues related to research culture, are always welcome by email at

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