Making a difference to people and society around us lies at the heart of the work we do across our hugely diverse range of disciplines. Cherishing the ethos on which we were founded in 1838, public engagement is a key component of our College’s identity. Then as now, our sites are a place where members of the public can come to enjoy evening lectures or classes, see a show at the UK’s first cinema, or witness demonstrations of seemingly magic new technologies. Today, we show-case the way our work makes a difference through weekly blogposts, through our own Different Conversations podcast series, and through our annual Difference Festival, a week-long engagement with the public in lectures, movies, performance, exhibitions and discussions.



Small talk saves lives

What is the best way to show people who are having a tough time that they are not alone? How could small conversations save lives? Where can you get support if you are feeling down?   With seemingly endless COVID-19… more

The Fragility of Democracy

American Democracy bends, but does not break.   The United States of America does not have a monopoly on Western liberal democracy, but even as a non-American one recognises its role in the 20th century as a figurehead that was… more

Tickets are now live!

Tickets are now available for Difference Festival events! Please click here to view timings and Eventbrite links. For events after 6pm, booking is absolutely essential. Book early to avoid disappointment. Share your pics and comments online via #DifferenceFestival If you… more
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