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Living in London taught me a lot of things, practically and emotionally. I had difficulties but I handled them and had to be my best. My best was doing everything on my own, I moved here alone and basically I am an adult now. Sometimes I feel like just a teenager who struggles with life. However, after the downs there’s always something that cheers me up and makes me feel I am doing the right thing. Emotionally I had some struggles, like alone phases where I just wanted to be alone in my room watching movies. It was totally okay because my life just turned upside down and I had to handle it quickly.

I would consider myself an introvert, when things changed quickly I just panicked and didn’t know what to do. Since I am at Uni, my confidence has developed and also my spoken English is much better. Now, I am not so nervous when I have to speak with people or ask something e.g. in a shop. I try to involve myself in social programmes like volunteering or society events. I have to step out of my comfort zone and just enjoy living in this awesome city. This city always makes me happy and I always realise why I love living here and why I chose London. I just want to say that being emotional is totally acceptable, after everything you will feel awesome and proud of yourself. One more advice, just be yourself and enjoy your life in this brilliant city.

My new self

You know all that glitters ain’t gold, however, moving here was awesome and one of my best decisions ever. I thought that I can just leave my old self behind and be my new real self. To be honest, it is not so easy, it is a process which you have to go trough. There are stages which I have to achieve and accept, also have to accept that I am better than I think.

It sounds selfish but my self-esteem is bad, however the people around me give positive responses, so maybe I am good at what I am doing. I don’t believe in myself, I never did BUT I always did what I had to and tried my best. That is the key to developing yourself and achieving your goals, I learnt it by myself. Actually, I forced myself to make progress and be a better version of myself. I used to be afraid of speaking with other people even in my mother tongue.

Facing my fears

Presenting is/was my biggest fear, I always felt embarrassed when I had to present. I don’t really know why I have this fear. I feel that in the recent years I didn’t really make any steps forward. It isn’t related to my mood or people around me, I always feel anxious and nervous. It has a significant impact on my life because I study Marketing Management where it is essential to have presentation skills.

Apart from presenting, I am good at communicating in real life; maybe I am a bit shy but I can speak with people easily after a while. That is the main thing that changed since I’ve been here; my English skills are much better and I use it more confidently. Now, I have done one of my official presentations and I think it went well, I was so nervous but I said my script quite well. I was proud of myself and I think that in the next year it will get better and maybe in my last year I will be a perfect presenter. That was my first real English presentation but I was able to say the words correctly while I was nervous. If I look back to my high school years, my English was alright but now the progress is awesome, I really recommend to practice a foreign language in the foreign country.

That is one of the reasons why I am grateful to be in London and study here – because this city has already taught me a lot. I cannot wait to look back at what my life was like when I first moved here and to be proud of my future self to make the biggest progress, be my own true self.


  • Studying abroad is a tough decision for me and I am so scared. I had to do lots of analysis and needed guidance. The reason behind it was to have a cultural growth along with opportunities. This was a great read for me. I am thinking to apply for 2021. Thanks a lot.

  • Dear Shivam!

    Always do what you think is the best for you. If you are sure after analysing then it is a great opportunity and don’t be afraid. I hope you will be a student in 2021 and won’t regret it!
    Good Luck!

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