Brought to you by the Pedagogies for Social justice project at the University of Westminster, the ‘Decolonisation and Anti-Racism’ Study Group aims to foster the learning and dialogue that is needed in our efforts towards social change in higher education. By facilitating the analysis and discussion of certain texts and media which in turn encourages us to question our own ideas and practices, this group can help members develop their understanding of race, coloniality, and the educational systems that continue to disadvantage underrepresented groups and erase their knowledges. From that point, we might begin to engage in the collaborative process of dreaming alternative futures where we can co-exist and succeed. By learning, critiquing, and dreaming together, we hope to foster new, genuine relationships and fruitful discussions, as a means of challenging the ways academia has come to be understood and at times, taken for granted.

This is an open invitation to both students and staff from all levels of understanding of decolonial and anti-racist work. In welcoming faces from across the schools and departments, we hope to create and maintain a multidisciplinary safe space in which members can express themselves, but also be supported when unlearning and rethinking is necessary. In accepting this invitation, you are accepting an opportunity to ask questions, share critiques and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals, but also be a part of a transformative project that aims to develop new and critical ways of understanding our institution.

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