The 125 Fund Stories: Anna

Anna Cornish, BA Photography, 2018 Thanks to The 125 Fund I was able to invest in a high quality camera lens, helping me to continue my dream of being a photographer. Quite literally this lens will be the backbone to… more

The 125 Fund Stories: Kai and Kieran

Kai Newton and Kieran Innes, Contemporary Media Practice, 2018 Our final year project, The Dying Mountain, is a short form documentary that explores our changing climate and specifically how this is impacting Icelandic glaciers. We travelled to the Sólheimajökull Glacier… more

The 125 Fund Stories: Maheen

Maheen Farrukh, BA Animation, 2020 I received a grant from The 125 Fund to purchase a Wacom drawing tablet. My family supports my education with difficulty and I take care of my personal expenses through part-time jobs, therefore affording anything… more

The 125 Fund Stories: Charlotte

Charlotte Fletcher, Digital Media and Communications, 2018 I received funding for an online campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the high suicide rate among men. The grant helped fund research groups, campaign materials and a URL. The online campaign… more

The 125 Fund Stories: Moonisah

Moonisah Usman, PhD Biomedical Sciences, 2019 My PhD project is about a disorder that affects over a third of the childhood population in the UK – obesity. Over the last three years I have worked immensely hard by collaborating with… more

The 125 Fund Stories: Edoardo

Edoardo Ruggiero, Business Management (Finance), 2020 “The Good Food Embassy” started as a small food stall in the Sunday market in Brick Lane but is now becoming a great business opportunity and a wonderful personal and professional experience. After several… more

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