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ACM OPEN enables all corresponding authors affiliated with our institution to publish scholarly articles with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) on a completely open access basis without needing to pay any individual article processing charges (APCs).

All research articles and conference proceedings with a corresponding author from the University of Westminster are made OA upon publication, with the corresponding author being given the option of selecting a CC-BY licence for article sharing and reuse.

Check the list: ACM Publications Eligible for Open Access Publishing Under ACM OPEN for further details.

To be eligible:

  • Following transmission of the manuscript to ACM production, the corresponding author will be asked to complete the assignment of rights and permissions on our eRights form. It is on this form that the corresponding author may select the rights to be granted and their choice of Creative Commons license.
  • The corresponding author designation must be made in the conference or journal submission system and the corresponding author must include their primary affiliation and use their institutional email address.
  • You must be the corresponding author who is affiliated with the University of Westminster at the point of acceptance.

You do not need to contact us to gain permission.  Just follow the instructions when completing the eRights form to see your article fully open with ACM.

Further Information:

See ACM OPEN (ACM’s Transformative Model for Open Access Publication) for further information and FAQs from the publisher.

Any questions: email repository@westminster.ac.uk

The agreement applies to all scholarly articles published by ACM from 1st Jan 2023 – 31st Dec 2025.

Other publishers with similar agreements:

  • American Chemical Society (ACS): We have a similar agreements for ACS journals, which covers articles in both hybrid (subscription) and Gold open access (fully open) journals. Please see the ACS post for more detail.
  • American Psychological Association (APA): We have a similar agreement for APA journals.  Please see the APA post for more detail.
  • Cambridge University Press: We have a similar agreement for CUP journals.  Please see the CUP post for more detail.
  • Elsevier: We have a similar agreement for Elsevier journals.  Please see the Elsevier post for more detail.
  • Public Library of Science (PLOS): an agreement is now in place, allowing Westminster authors to publish in the gold open access journals: PLOS ONE, PLOS Genetics, PLOS Computational Biology, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, and PLOS Pathogens, without having to pay individual APCs.  More details in the PLOS post.
  • Sage:  We have a similar agreement for Sage journals.  Please see the Sage post for more detail.
  • Springer Compact:  We already have a similar agreement for some Springer journals.  Please see the Springer post for more detail, and a link to a list of eligible titles.
  • Taylor & Francis: Taylor & Francis Open Select journals (including Routledge) now also has a ‘read and publish’ agreement.  See the T&F post for more details.
  • Wiley: We have a similar agreement for Wiley journals.  Please see the Wiley post for more detail.

A very limited fund is available to pay individual APC charges for some articles.  Please see the recent blog post.


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