Online Assessments
How to create a Blackboard Assignment
How to create a Turnitin Assignment
The difference between the two main types of assignment
How to add a rubric

What is a Rubric?
How you create a rubric for use in Turnitin?
How you create a rubric for use in Blackboard Assignment?
Sharing and copying Rubrics across modules?

Gradebook Basics
Where to find Gradebook
Gradebook Views
Importing and Exporting in Gradebook
Adding and editing columns

How to manage and share Panopto recordings
How to access the settings menu
How to Move/Copy the recording
How to share and embed the recording
How to download the recording
How to edit the recording (basic demonstration)

Online Marking
Assignments submitted via the Assignment and Turnitin tools and
Learn how each tool can be used to provide online feedback to students
View and interpret the originality report from Turnitin and SafeAssign and provide different types of feedback
Download submissions
Post Marks to students and understand how Posting works

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