How to create a Poll using PollEverywhere

Poll Everywhere is an online tool that allows instant feedback from students to a lecturers questions. It is an audience response system that takes responses from students via mobile phones, twitter, and the web.

Check out the video on the right, for a complete guide on how to use PollEverwhere 

or follow a quick guide below:

Prerequisite: If you are planning to use Poll Everywhere with a large group of students, make sure your Poll Everywhere account is on the University-wide Plan. Find out by clicking your username on the top right and My settings. Information about your account will be below your username. If you need access to the University-wide Plan please Contact us.

Poll everywhere

 1. Choose a question type from top menu and then add optional answers and choose the correct answer by clicking tick mark next to it then  click on Create.

2. Once you click create, a new window will open with a link on top which can be shared with students. You can copy and share this link for responses with students. 

3.when ready Activate the Poll click activate or going into the full screen mode and student will be able to respond

 After receiving responses to the poll question, you can Lock the poll so that no more responses are given and review the responses.

For more Online Help please visit the Poll Everywhere getting started external page 
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