Important Inforamtion

Please note – Students have reported that uploading coursework submissions to Turnitin using the Safari or Microsoft Edge browser is unreliable.  We, therefore, advise that you use the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser to submit your assignments.

If you are submitting a text-based document, we recommend Microsoft Word or PDF file formatsYou should not attempt to submit files that are generated using Pages.

To submit your coursework online go to the Blackboard site for the module you are submitting an assessment for and click on the ‘Assessment’ link. Click here for more information on the process of online coursework submission.

· It is important that you remember to upload your assignment in plenty of time as depending on your internet connection and broadband speed time for upload may verily, and you don’t want to upload your assignment late because of your internet connection.

DON’T leave everything to the last minute. Remember, being able to submit work or deliver projects on time requires time management skills. Most uploads are very fast, but depending on the size and type of the file, and or the internet connection and broadband bandwidth, upload times can vary, typically 2 minutes or up to 10 minutes in some cases.

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