All help and guides on Microsoft Teams including short videos are located on the SharePoint site. Please note, students do not have access to the SharePoint sites area. However, there is a specific guide for students on this blog site via the link – Microsoft Teams (Students).

Microsoft Teams videos for learning and teaching

Breakout rooms in Teams

Find out how to:

  • Setup breakout rooms

  • who could setup

  • Enable ‘New Meeting Experience’

Virtual Office Hours in Teams

Find out how to:

  • Create

  • Share with students

  • Use it for your meetings

Guide - How to create and send a Microsoft Teams invite for students or externals?

Microsoft Teams can be used to invite students and externals to 1:1 or a group meeting.

We recommend you follow the guides below when you create a meeting link:

Guide for Creating a meeting link

Using Meet Now meeting Link in Microsoft Teams

Guide for attendees – please send the link (for the guide below) to the students or externals.  They will not be required to download the Teams app or log in to Teams.

Microsoft Teams integration with Blackboard

Blackboard has basic integration with MS Teams.

The integration allows instructors to create a Teams meeting link and is made available to all enrolled users on the course to join the meeting via the link.

Please note, this will not create a calendar entry on your Outlook or MS Teams Calendar. Students will also not get an invite via email; it only creates the meeting link on your Course/module site, Module Calendar, and also on the Stream for students to join the session, by just clicking on the link.

Please see guides below, on how to create an MS Teams meeting link on your Blackboard site:

Teams Integration with Blackboard video

Find out how to:

  • Create session links

  • Share it with students

  • How students join the session


  • How do students access MS Teams?

  • What’s the maximum number of participants in a Teams meeting?

    • Teams currently support up to 1000 people in a meeting.

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