Blackboard Accessibility

Blackboard, as a container of the University’s learning content and a space where students undertake learning activities has been designed in accordance with internationally agreed Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA. An independent third party conducts a regular audit of Blackboard software and systems to ensure quality expectations are met.

In a recent audit of systems conducted for the University by AbilityNet Blackboard scored the highest in respect of accessibility of all the systems covered by the audit.

Content In Blackboard

Whilst Blackboard Ultra is designed to help users navigate the system with assistive technologies, if we introduce inaccessible content into the system, there is unfortunately no ‘magic’ that the Blackboard system can automatically apply to correct this.

Guide For Instructors

Instructors – Please visit the Blackboard Ally for staff site to see how to:

  • Improve existing content on Blackboard more accessible with Ally’s step-by-step instructions.
  • Improve your new documents for accessibility before you upload them to Blackboard

Guide For Students

Students – Please visit the Blackboard Ally for students site to see how to:

  • What alternative formats does Ally generate?
  • How to download these alternative formats anywhere that files are used.

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