This page will highlight the known issues affecting the current version of Blackboard Ultra which are being investigated by Blackboard and Turnitin. The status will be updated once Blackboard and/or Turnitin have advised of a fix.
Known Issues
When marking Turnitin submissions by groups and moving to the next student in the group set, it will revert back to all submissions
Ongoing with Turnitin
Analytics for tests showing incorrect information for how many students answered the question correctly after manually checking the student responses
Receiving multiple emails from a single announcement
Resolved in the January 2021 update
Fill in the blank question types not evaluating each answer separately and not scoring correctly
Planned fix in future Blackboard release
Audio feedback in course assignments displays line of code instead of date and time information
Planned fix in future Blackboard release
Question Analysis reports are reporting incorrect calculations and data
Resolved in the January 2021 update
Journals only display 50 entries to instructor
Resolved in the December update
Unable to provide Audio feedback (the ‘Insert/Edit Recording’ feature) in a Blackboard Assignment while using Google Chrome. The ‘Insert/Edit Recording’ does work if you use Firefox
Planned fix in future Blackboard release
Unable to access/mark a paper that has an attached rubric
Planned fix in future Blackboard release

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