Important Collaborate Session Checklist

For the best experience on using Collaborate for online teaching, please follow the checklist below.

Things to think about generally:

☐     Use Chrome as your browser rather than Microsoft Edge or Safari If you can
☐     If you are using wi-fi, try to be as close to the router as possible, but ideally used a wired connection.
☐     Use a headset with a microphone for the best experience, rather than a built-in speakers & microphone.

☐     To minimise load on your Wi-fi connection, check what other people in the house are using the internet for at the time you are teaching.

Things to check every week:

☐     Update your browser so that it is using the latest version
☐     Clear your cache in your browser. (This fixes certain problems)

Things to check every day:

☐     Reboot your device every morning

Things to check before your session:

☐     Reboot your device every morning
☐     Close any streaming services (such as YouTube, Netflix) before joining a session.
☐     Make sure you arrive in plenty of time to check all the hardware works

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