This is how to set an accommodation for a student in Blackboard Ultra.
NOTE: You can only set 50% (time and a half) or 100% accommodation (double time) or unlimited time. This has been discussed with disability services and where students have been granted 25% extra time you should use the 50% setting.
To add time go to Ultra Course View.
In the Details & Actions area, within the module site, click the View everyone in your course link
Course work
Scroll or search to find the student.
Click the three dotes (…) menu to the right of the student and select Accommodations, as below:
Select Time limit accommodation and specify whether the student should have 50% extra time (time and a half), 100% extra time (double the time limit), or unlimited time
Click the Save button, as below
The accommodation only needs to be set once and then will apply to all assessments in the course that have a time limit. You can also set a due date accommodation so that the student’s work is never marked late. Any student with an accommodation is identified with a purple ribbon icon on the roster and in the gradebook, but this icon is only visible to someone with grading privileges (e.g., Instructor, Teaching Assistant, Facilitator, Grader).

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