Guidance: What you should know?

  • Why does the University have 2 systems for online coursework submission and marking?

 The University has two systems because each offers some advantages over the other in certain circumstances. For a more detailed explanation, please check the 2 Systems for the online coursework submission and marking page.

  • What is the largest file size students can submit for their assignments?

Both Turnitin and Blackboard assignments accept file sizes up to 100 MB and 800 pages, however, your files should not exceed the 100 MB limit. If the Blackboard assignment is using the SafeAssign option, then the file size must be less than 10 MB for the similarity report to be generated. If the file size is larger than 10 MB, you can still submit although SafeAssign will not be able to process the file and generate the similarity report.

  • What is Grade Journey/Grade Transfer?

It is the process of transferring marks/grades from Blackboard to the Student Record System (SITS). For a more detailed explanation, please visit the What is Grade Journey page.

  • How does my external examiner access marked coursework online?

They will normally have a staff account and they should be able to access it if they enrol on the course. If they do not have a staff account, please use this Non-Staff Access Form page to request one for them.

  • How can I extend in-class test time?

Follow our detailed How to extend in-class test time guide to extend test time for a particular student.

Creating Submission Links (Anonymous and Non-anonymous):

Turnitin Assignment:

Blackboard Assignment:

Panopto Assignment:

Marking And Moderating Coursework:

Returning Marked Coursework:

To see how to return mark coursework, including feedback both in Blackboard and Turnitin Assignments. Please check Returning Marked Coursework page.

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