A rubric can be used to evaluate student’s work based on defined criteria and scales. Instructors can create and share rubrics, allowing other instructors to upload the rubrics to their classes. If you have not already done so, add your rubric to the assignment, then allow students to submit their work.
Once the students have submitted their work, you can use the rubric to help mark their papers.
Within the blackboard module site, on the right hand side amongst other icons, there should be an icon called “Gradebook” .Click the Gradebook icon
In the Gradebook window, click the assignment you want to mark.
Assignment to mark
The assignment inbox will now be opened. Click either the Document submitted by the student in the Paper Title column or the pencil in the Grade column and this will open feedback studio for you to start marking.
choosing assignment
In feedback studio, the rubric options will be found on the right hand panel of the page.
Feedback studio Rubric
Now select your rubric marking criteria.
Rubric Criteria
Remember that a rubric will only be available when you start marking if a rubric was associated with the coursework when the coursework submission link was set up. Also, note you do not have to use the rubric to calculate the overall mark (a calculated rubric). The rubric can just be used to provide formative feedback.
Once marked, the rubric criteria is attached to the student’s papers.

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