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Corresponding authors affiliated with the University of Westminster may publish their articles through Gold Open Access in 900+ subscription journals in the current SAGE Premier package, as well as in the IMechE Journal Collection and the Royal Society of Medicine Collection, which offer hybrid open access publishing (SAGE Choice) can be published open access, free of charge.  This covers original research papers, review papers, brief communications, short reports and case studies are included in the agreement, (book reviews, editorials, abstracts and news items are excluded).

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this agreement.

  • Sage will inform all co-authors that the article can be published open access at no additional cost. Within 14 days, one author must confirm that the authors agree to publish open access, and choose a licence (CC BY or CC BY-NC). If the funder of the paper requires CC BY, ensure that you choose it (More information on Creative Commons / CC licences).  As a University we strongly encourage you to opt for the CC-BY licence, if appropriate.
  • You must be the corresponding author who is affiliated with the University of Westminster at the point of acceptance.

Please note:

  • Book reviews, editorials, abstracts and news items are excluded.
  • If you are no longer affiliated with either Westminster, or another eligible institution, at the point of acceptance of your paper, you do not qualify.
  • You are advised to use your institutional email address instead of your private email address, and to state your Westminster affiliation, to enable Sage to better identify you as eligible under the agreement.
  • Fully open access journals are not included in this agreement.

You do not need to contact us to gain permission.  Authors in subscription journals do not need to take any action to benefit from this offer.  SAGE will contact all eligible authors to inform them of the Open Access agreement with Jisc and to invite them to the SAGE Open Access Portal to take up the offer as soon as their accepted article has been received into SAGE’s Production department.

Further Information:

See the Sage Agreement for more detail.

Any questions: email

A quick note on other publishers:

  • Springer Compact:  We already have a similar agreement for some Springer journals.  Please see the Springer post for more detail, and a link to a list of eligible titles.
  • Wiley: We have a similar agreement for Wiley journals.  Please see the Wiley post for more detail.
  • Cambridge University Press: We have a similar agreement for CUP journals.  Please see the CUP post for more detail.

A very limited fund is available to pay individual APC charges for some articles.  Please see the recent blog post.


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