Student Minds | Placement Year: What You Can Learn From My Journey

The Careers and Employability Service (CES) offer Westminster Business School students and alumni amazing opportunites to find professional experience. The staff can tell you everything you need to know about the “conventional” elements of placement search. This includes CV, cover letter,… more
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The Westminster Business Consultants (WBC) Have Once Again Been Nominated As Finalists For The Most International Junior Enterprise Award At The JADE Excellence Awards 2017

Every student wants to become an independent, productive and contributing world citizen. For this to happen the emphasis ought to be put on implementing academia to the commercial world – from theory into practice. In other words, students ought to master the… more
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Learning More About Westminster Business Consultants With Vice President & International Manager, Rety Lubala

Hi there, my name’s Rety Lubala Lulando and I’m Belgian, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I’m a third year student at Westminster Business School, studying Business Management with International Business BA. I’m also the Vice President and International Manager of Westminster… more
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Celebrating Success: An Interview With Westminster Business School Students, Oana Damian And Carole Mercier

Fourth up in our Celebrating Success series is a joint interview with Westminster Business School students & Managers at Westminster Business Consultants (WBC), Oana Damian and Carole Mercier. With a variety of personal and professional achievements and can-do attitudes, it’s lovely to… more
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Westminster Business Consultants: offering consultancy opportunities to Westminster students

Westminster Business Consultants (WBC) is a University of Westminster, student led Junior Enterprise offering consultancy opportunities to Westminster students. Recently celebrating it’s 20th birthday, WBC flies under the flag of the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises (JADE) and is supported… more
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Westminster Business Consultants: Enhancing Graduate Employability At Westminster Business School

Westminster Business School has a benefit that very few Universities in the United Kingdom can boast: its own Junior Enterprise. Westminster Business Consultants is the oldest-running Junior Enterprise in the United Kingdom, and is one of only three currently in… more
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