Active Learning and Hybrid Teaching Classrooms

Over the last several years the University has been progressively updating and upgrading its classrooms. The focus has been on improving the digital elements of classroom spaces as well as changing the nature of the furniture within some rooms. Overall the main goal has been to create classroom spaces that are more adaptable to different teaching and learning approaches.

Some of the range of classroom types, defined to a large extent by the nature of the furniture in them, are shown below. The work done has tried to standardise as much as possible with respect to digital tools or learning technology within classrooms. However this has proven difficult primarily because the technology available keeps changing so quickly. However all classrooms still tend to have a main screen at an identifiable ‘front’ of a classroom space though increasingly the main screen is a ‘standalone’ SMART touchscreen display, removing the need for data projectors within the room.

In addition a big change from 2019/20 will be the introduction into a large number of classrooms of a wireless projection capability which is device agnostic. This new addition will allow staff and students to display to screens in the room from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) using the wifi network.

In addition the University has, with Quintin Hogg Trust funding, now created on each site specialist Active Learning Classrooms (CLG.01 at 115 New Cavendish Street, MG.23 at Marylebone Road, RS602 at Regent Street and XFG.02 at Harrow) and started to change the nature of lecture theatres – see examples below.

Collaboration room
Lecture room with group work layout

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