Grade Journey

1. Academic staff create online assessments as they currently do base on the assessment patterns from SRS

a. Online assessments: Columns on Grade Centre are created automatically when the assessment is set up by the academic (e.g. Turnitin, Blackboard Safe assign, online Tests etc.) and if they mark online, marks are then passed automatically to the Blackboard Grade Centre.

(Note: These columns can if necessary be renamed manually by the Academic).


b. Other assessments (e.g. Paper Exams, Presentations etc.): For such assessments, columns need to be created manually and then marks need to be added to these columns on Grade Centre by the Academic.

2. Integrated columns (based on the Assessment patterns) are created on Blackboard Grade Centre for each module by Education Technology Team

3. Grade Centre columns created in step 2 are mapped to the Integrated Columns by the Registry team.

4. Marks are transferred from Grade Centre to SRS by Registry at a time agreed between them and Academics.

a. Any changes made to marks on Blackboard after this step, will not be transferred to SRS automatically.

b. For any changes required after this date Academics need to speak with the Registry team so that the marks could be amended on SITS.

Last Updated October/2021

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