You can only hide if the due date has not yet passed. If the due date has passed, you will need to hide the assignment in the content area. 

If you temporarily need not to disclose grades and feedback to students, you need to follow the guide below. 

Hide marks from students in the Gradebook

You can Hide marks that are Posted

First Hide the column (as below) then Post the marks. This will make sure any posted marks are only visible to you and the Registry team.


If you do not want students to see posted marks, you can simply hide the column, as shown below:

  • Click on the title field of the column you’d like to hide 1 , then select “edit” 2;

  • Turnitin: Once you select “Edit”, a panel will appear on the Right-hand side. In the first field ‘visible to students’ is selected, click on the drop-down and select ‘hidden from students’ 3

  • Blackboard Assignment: Once you select “Edit”, a new panel will appear.  On the top right, click on the drop-down and select ‘hidden from students’ 3

  • Once you have selected ‘hidden from students’, click on “Save”

  • The column should now have a strikethrough, meaning it has been successfully  hidden

How to create a column in the Gradebook

All assignments created using Turnitin or Blackboard assignment, in the content section of a module, will automatically create a column in the Gradebook.

How to create a column in the Gradebook Manually

You can also create manual columns for Presentations, Groupwork, etc…

To do this, click on the purple + icon, and then select “Add item”.

You will then see a panel on the left-hand side where you can name the column

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