How do I create or import a Turnitin Rubric?

A rubric can be used to evaluate student’s work based on defined criteria and scales. Instructors can create and share rubrics, allowing other instructors to upload the rubrics to their classes.
NOTE: A Turnitin submission MUST be created before you can add/edit a rubric.  
At the bottom of the Turnitin creation/edit page you will find the GradeMark section, this allows you to create, edit and attach a rubric to the assignment.

Click the ‘Launch Rubric Manager’ to create/edit a rubric.

Grademark Turintin
A standard rubric may appear.  
Standard Rubric
From here you can create or edit previously created rubric via the top left icon.
To create a new rubric click on ‘Create new rubric’
New Rubric
You will need to give the new rubric a title. This can be a module code, or, if the rubric will be used across different modules, a more generic title.
Rubric Title
You can then choose the type of rubric; there are three types to choose from:
Type of Rubric
You can then choose the type of rubric; there are three types to choose from:
  1. Standard rubric: enter scale values for each column and weight your criteria rows using percentage.
  2. Custom rubric: enter any value directly into each rubric cell.
  3. Qualitative rubric: a rubric that provides standard feedback but has no numeric scoring.
Once you have selected the type of rubric, the table will adjust edit each scale and criterion to add the headings you wish. 
You can also import rubrics via the top right icon.
Import Rubric
Browse your computer and upload the .RBC (Turnitin rubric) file. Other accepted file types are .xls and .xlsx.
Please note that, if using Excel, the following restrictions will apply:
  • Criteria titles must be 13 characters or less
  • There is a limit of 20 scale columns and 50 criteria rows
  • Scoring can be included once the rubric is imported
You can also download a sample rubric template for Turnitin here.
Please note:
The view you will get currently when accessing Turnitin Rubrics from a new Turnitin assignment is the ‘old style’ view. You can get the newer version by going into an existing Turnitin assignment and accessing the Rubrics functionality. There are some subtle differences between the two:
  • the importing and exporting button is an option within the left hand side drop down in the new version
  • attaching and detaching a rubric to an assignment is at the bottom right hand corner in the new version
  • the new version has a direct link to the template and drag and drop options for importing a rubric.
  • the choices to make the rubric quantitative or qualitative are at the top right hand corner in the new version.
  • Old version vs New version
Detailed Proposal
detailed Proposal old
Editing the rubric 
You can edit any text field areas – name/criteria/scale.  
edit rubric
Choose whether you want to give a percentage for each Criteria, score individual Scales or just use the rubric as a guide
rubric scoring
Remember to save your amendments regularly.
save changes
Close the rubric manager.  
close tab
This will bring you back to the submission paper area.  The rubric should now appear in the drop down list.
grademark turnitin
Next, do you want to use these settings again?  If so tick the box. 
future options
Now Submit.
This rubric will now be attached to the assignment.



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