Using “Meet now” meeting link in Microsoft Teams

Meet Now links can be used:

  • For Staff Office Hours – You can use one ‘Meet Now’ link for your office hours, and post it to on the page/document where you have your office hours.

  • As Breakout Room for student group work, e.g. you can create one link called ‘Group A’ and another link for ‘Group B’ etc and send it to each group by email or post it on a page on Blackboard.

To create “Meet now” link follow below:

1. Click on the Calendar icon on the left-hand side and select ‘Meet now’.


2. This is where you can name the session, by default it will display ‘Meeting with your name’. You can also choose to have your camera and microphone ON/OFF before joining the meeting. Once you are ready, select Join now.

3. This will open another window on the side as below. This is where you can invite someone by typing their name for internal staff or you can use the [1] link icon to copy the link and send it to an external user or student in an email.

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Managing meeting permissions

When creating a ‘Meet Now’ link you can manage the  permissions of the meeting.
1. To manage the permissions of a meeting you need to click on ‘show participants’ [1] and then select click on the three dots [2] as below.

Meeting Permissions

2. This will open a new window in your browser where you can manage the meeting options. You can choose who can bypass the lobby.

a. If you are planning to use the link for Staff Office Hours, please select the options as below:
Students will wait on the lobby till you click the tick sign next to their name

Meeting options

b. If you are using the link as Breakout Room for student groups, please select the options as below:
If you select Yes for ‘People in my organisation’ in the drop-down menu, this means that they will have direct access to the meeting room without specific approval.

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Joining the meeting on the day

For Staff

1. On the day, you or the organiser need to join the session via the link that you sent to the students or staff. When clicking on the link, it will open the Teams  application and you will join the call.
2. This is where you will need to admit the students into the call. You will need to click on the participants icon [1] to view the lobby and admit each student to the call by clicking on the tick next to their name.

For students or external users

1. On the day, Students or external users need to join the session via the link they have received. They will not be required to login or download the app. When clicking on the link, it will prompt them to open the Teams application or on to use a Browser. Please select Browser and open the link using Google Chrome.
2. Recommended browser to access the Microsoft Teams link is Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge will work too with some limitation (unable to use screen sharing).
3. Initially when students are joining the meeting, they could have their video [1] and microphone [2] turned ON/OFF. They need to type their full name in the ‘Enter name’ box [3] and click join now when ready to join the call.

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