Accessibility features within Padlet

Padlet is an online virtual “bulletin” board, where students and teachers can collaborate, reflect, share links and pictures, in a secure location. However, Padlet has got limited accessibility features. We have listed some of the accessibility features .

  •  Padlet and Screen Readers : Padlet is compatible with screen reader software such as Apple Voice Over.

  •  Keyboard Access :Currently, you can navigate the login page and the dashboard using only your keyboard. Padlets can be viewed, but settings cannot be changed. We are working on keyboard compatibility for settings, post creation, post-editing, and post-expansion.  

  •  Low Vision Colour Contrast: It does not provide the low vision colour contrast. Hence, it is recommended to download a web extension such as High Contrast for Chrome to increase contrast on Padlet pages.


Last Updated July/2021

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